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Being Confident in Being Me Day 1

As much as I love technology and love to read it only seems fitting that I would have a Bible app on my phone. For the past few months I have used the YouVersion, Bible app on my phone to look up scriptures, meditate, and read some of the many devotionals that they have. I just started a new devotional called The Confident Woman, it’s by Joyce Meyer. After reading this first message I knew I would journal about this passage. Below is today’s passage. My will follow at the end.

Believe in Your Value

Take a minute and look into your heart. How do you feel about yourself? If your answer does not agree with God’s Word, I encourage you to begin today renewing your mind about yourself.

See yourself as God sees you. Study God’s Word and you will find out that you are precious, created in your mother’s womb by God’s own hand. You are not an accident. Even if your parents told you they never really wanted you, I can assure you that God wanted you. You are valuable, you have worth, you are gifted, you are talented, and you have a purpose on this earth.

Not only must we ask God for things He has promised us but we must receive them (see John 16:24). If you feel unworthy, you probably won’t ask, and even if you do, you won’t receive by faith. Don’t let feelings rule you anymore. Take a step of faith and start improving your quality of life today. Believe that you make good decisions, that you are a valuable person with a great future, and something good is going to happen to you today!

Pray: Lord, I ask You to imprint Your love into the depths of my heart. I believe You have a great future for me and that I can walk in Your purpose for my life. Amen.

From the book The Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer. Copyright 2011 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.

I see myself in a very different scope than I did a year ago. I’m much more happier and focused now. Working on my dreams and goals keep me motivated. I’m still spending a lot of time in prayer and studying my Bible but I do make more time for family and friends. When I would normally spend most of my time reading and just sitting in one place, I am not going out more since I moved here. One of the reasons for that is finding a church home. This was a big deal for me. I finally found a place that I feel comfortable in.

Finding a church home has helped my transition a lot over the past year. I began to really look at who I am as a person, where I want to go in life and how my relationship with the Lord was growing. I began really feel like I could step out on faith once again.

Taking a leap of faith and starting my own business was definitely something I had to pray about. But since starting Southern Roots Kitchen, I am happy and excited.  My food blog is up and running, I have implemented my Meal Planning Services. There is a lot more in works too.

I am thankful that God placed this vision in my life and is allowing me to live out my dreams. I am confident that I will succeed in all He has for me.



I love heat and humidity!!!!

Our family reunion was this weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was at least 97 each day, shoot it’s 93 outside now. I couldn’t get my hair braided before I left home so I decided to just wash and do a bantu knot out or a braid out for the week. Well let’s just say with all the swimming, visits to the water park and the humidity it was a lot of wash n go’s going on. But I absolutely enjoyed the week with my hair.

The humidity made my hair big and beautiful. I loved it!! I already love the heat as it is and now that I know my hair enjoys it to, it’s a done deal. One of my sisters said my ponytail was puffy, I said good, it’s the way it’s supposed to be. LOL I am truly embracing this journey. Although I did get many requests asking me when I was going to get a relaxer and why didn’t I get one before I got to SC. Now the more people pester me and question why I do things, the more determination I have to stay on my journey.

I have to admit there are days when I want to give up and get the creamy crack put in my head but when I think about the pain, the scabs and the migraine that follows I just say ‘No Thanks’ and keep moving. I have made a goal with myself to learn how to corn roll my hair by the end of the summer. I refuse to pay people to do something I know I can do myself. Each month I will give myself a goal to achieve for my natural hair journey. I think this will make my process very interesting.

For July my goal was a bantu knot out. Now when I say my hair and the humidity loved this style, it really did love it. This will definitely be a hairstyle I will use often. I love the curls and the waves.

Thank you humidity for embracing my hair and giving me more confidence. Love Ya lots!!!