Dream Pusher’s Academy

It’s a been a while since I’ve posted, I need to get back on schedule and post a lot more. Looks like Dream Academy will have me posting at least once a week. Many of you know I have been working with Shivawn Mitchell from L.O.V.E. Consulting on starting my home-based bakery. This has been a journey, I am learning a lot about the business, myself, and the people I surround myself with.

Shivawn has graciously taken me under her wing and is guiding me along the path of entrepreneurship. As a memeber of her Dream Pusher’s Academy, I am receiving weekly business development sessions, where I go over tasks and agenda items to get my bakery up and running. There are weekly homework assignments (Yes, I said HW) and mid-week inspiring and motivational emails, vlogs…and in my case text messages too!! These emails and vlogs are called Empower Me Moments…they definitely empower you! For the past few weeks I have found myself re-reading the emails and watching the vlogs a lot more, meditating on them and really taking the time to apply them to my personal life and my business life.

This past week we had email sent to us with the title “Getting Over Speed Bumps” this one hit home pretty hard, and I didn’t realize how significant it was until today in church when Pastor Lundy began preaching about going through struggles and the reason why we must go through them. Sometimes we want things to happen too fast, and try to make them happen in our time instead of on God’s time. Patience is a big thing, now I consider myself a patient person, although their are times where my patiences is very thin and I don’t want to wait. But waiting is all a part of live. Sometimes you want to drive right over the speed bump in life and act like you don’t see it but if you do, what happens?….we can mess up our car or in some cases cause an accident. After reading Shivawn’s email I had to really stop and think about the speed bumps in my life, how many things have I tried to rush and make happen to only fail in doing so? If I would have just waited and did things on God’s watch I would be just fine and not back at the start line. Even today during the sermon, Pastor Lundy hit on being patient and not causing problems for ourselves by rushing God’s work. There will be pain, there will be moments of solitude and reflection but trust and believe if God gave it to you, you will birth it!!

Each of us was given a purpose in this life, we have to choose to live out the mission He has given us. Like a mother having contractions during labor, the pains will be there. I have experienced some myself on this journey, there have been days where I have wanted to give up, but I can’t this is a gift that was given to me to share with the world. I have also tried to rush this process by thinking I could do it all on my own and in my time…HA!..definitely learned that lesson. Taking a different approach and waiting for God to place Shivawn in my life to make this happen has been a blessing in itself. The Empower Me emails and vlogs are just a small portion of the work that she does, but each piece serves it’s purpose.

I truly understand why I had to wait to get my business started, why I had to join Tastefully Simple for 3 years to learn about owning my own business, watching both my father’s own theirs as well…a learning process. I can take what I have learned from each of them and bring them into my own business. There is so much that I want to do in life, the bakery is just the beginning. Walking in the purpose God gave me is allowing me to pursue my dreams and help other’s in the process. Even with my full time job, I am learning things to add into my business and gaining customer’s as well. See…look at God, at my last job things weren’t this easy. Doing things God’s way is the ONLY way for me!

I didn’t mean to have this post be so long, sorry about that. I guess I was just writing what was on my chest. We have had quite a few of these vlogs and emails so what I am going to do is go back and read my notes from each of these and post them to by blog, feel free to subscribe to her YouTube channel so the vlogs come directly to you. You don’t want to miss any of these.

Until next time….