FREE Dill Pickle Dip Mix!

Client Promotion for the month of May!


Here’s a dilly of a deal! Get our Dill Pickle Dip Mix FREE with your $50 order, only while supplies last. This offer is available exclusively at my parties, or you can contact me via phone or email to order. I’d love to help you make dinnertime and entertaining easy this summer!

Be sure to contact me if you need any assistance.


Tastefully Simple Fall-Winter 2013

Tastefully Simple has a new seasonal catalog, their Fall-Winter catalog. When I tell you this food is amazing I mean it, I’m not just saying it because I am a consultant; I mean it!! This season they have brought back their standards, some favorites and even provided us with some new stuff.


There is a new Multi-Grain Beer. Bread, Sun-Dried Tomato Bisque, Plum Teriyaki Sauce and of course Mama Mia Marinara Sauce is back. These are just a few if the items that are available now. Be sure to stop by the site and see what’s available.

You can order directly through the site or contact me. You can also host a party to ear FREE GROCERIES. That’s right, I said FREE!! There are various options to host a party: Taste-Testing (sampling the food; I can be available via Skype), a catalog/Facebook party ( you email your friends and family and ask them to purchase food) or have a fundraiser and get the money or the food to support your group. I’m here to help you any way I can.

Book Review: All MY Tomorrows by Rochelle Alers

I’m back with another review. First I want to say thank you to everyone that supported my last post.You guys ROCK!!  This review is actually two reviews in one. Rochelle Alers often times combines two stories in one book. Brace yourself, because when she does this you know you are in store for an extra special treat.

He’s a former athlete looking for a place to mellow out.  She’s a chef, who was passed over for a promotion one too many times. What will one summer away at a camp bring to their lives?

After leaving the NFL Kennedy Fletcher decides to take some of the money has earned and invest it into an overnight camp for children called Camp Six Nations. The camp hires Chef Lydia Lord to feed the campers and staff for 8 weeks. To help two more less-advantage children attend the camp Lydia decides to give up her salary for 8 weeks and volunteers her services. Sparks fly during their first encounter but Lydia trying to stay away from the former athlete after her bad experience of her own. Kennedy knows there’s a fire brewing in Lydia, but a past failed relationship has him questioning their every encounter.

Long walks in the woods, a little dancing and delicious food helps this couple see that love is there when you least expect it.


She’s been burned and is starting anew. He is content with being the lone artist that he is. One building, two apartments and a sailing trip, change the course of their lives forever. 

Former ballerina turned chef Victoria Jones has had her share of heartache and is looking forward to focusing on her catering business. Quintin Lord, an artist gets an unexpected visit from Victoria regarding his music, fireworks begin to go off. Dealing with the loss of her dance career, her child and her husband has shattered Victoria. But Quintin knows that behind those sad eyes is a passionate women waiting to be let loose. Will these neighbors remain friendly? Or can Quintin convince Victoria that she hasn’t lost everything that she thought she did?


Quintin and Victoria’s story “Home Sweet Home” was originally a book all by itself. In 2005 it was re-released with All MY Tomorrows to give you two great stories about a  brother and sister who find love even in the midst of their flourishing careers.

Super Bowl Weekend

NY Giants won!!! WOO HOO!!! So for those people who know me, know that I am a HUGE NY Giants fan. I always have been. I love sports period. My mom and I had made plans to go to NY to spend the weekend with my older sister who happened to just open a lounge called Epiphany NYC. But due to last minute changes we decided to stay in VA and just chill. Oh my gosh, we had an amazing time. We were all dressed in our jerseys, I even bought a new racing jacket and wore it to church for Team Spirit Sunday. We made some wings with a honey hotsauce glaze, taco dip, veggie platter, smoothies, cupcakes and cookies. You would have thought we had a house full of people with all the food we made but it was just my mom, my sister Erica, my nephew, my sisters boyfriend and I.

We were scremaing, yelling at the TV and laughing at the commercials like we were at some party. Had such a good time with them. It was sad that we were with the rest of our family who happen to be Giants fans as well. But we still managed to enjoy ourselves. I took today off because I knew I would be tired and need to relax.

I do have some studying to do in the book of Ester, so off to read for a while.