The time has come…..

Over the past few weeks a lot of things have changed. I lost a cousin (which shook me the core), prayer life intensified, I’ve paid off some bills and I have been seriously job hunting in Virginia. But one thing that happened is God has told me to end my employment with Tastefully Simple. As much as I love this company, the products, training and other consultants it is time for me to go. I love food, my friends call me a foodie LOL. I am preparing myself for my next step. I know what I would like it to be but I am not quite sure if it is what God has in store for me. My head is spinning thinking about all the recipes that I would like to work on, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies. I probably should have gone to Pastry School 10 years ago. But gotta do things God’s way. So I must continue to be patient, pray and wait to see what He has in store for me.

On another not my hair is amazing! It’s been 4 months since my last dose of creamy crack. I am truly enjoying the journey. Looking at the curls that are forming, I get excited just thinking about how my hair will be once it is back to it’s natural state. Family still thinks I’m crazy for not having a relaxer but thanks to friends, blogs, and forums I am going to continue with this journey. Since I am planning on being a long term transition-er ( I want to be completely natural for my 30th birthday August 2012) I have created a list of hairstyles that I want to try. Now this list is LONG!!! Maybe one day I will post it as a checklist to see how many of them I can accomplish. Among that list, is a list of protective hairstyles for me to try as well. The winter is coming so I will be in the house more, on top of job hunting, I am now able to get those protective styles that I have always wanted but have not gotten before because I always had a relaxer.

I am so excited about trying out the different styles and learning about my hair. Right now I have kinky twists in, these will stay in for at least 6-8 weeks. Then I will look for another style to have. When I take these I will be cutting off some relaxed ends. I know I will. LOL When I cut off those 3 inches before it felt good and my hair grew even more. It almost felt like freedom to rid my self of straight hair. I need to post of pictures of my hair journey, maybe I will do a slide show for the next post.