Patience, Hair, Patience

You have a vision, you have a purpose, you can see the finish product right in front of you but you have so much more work to do before it is done. Patience. It is definitely something you have to learn in life.

My journey to see my natural hair texture has been just that a journey. There have been times where I want to just give up and say forget this. I don’t care if I don’t see the curls anymore. But then there are other times where I get so excited about the process, I look at how far I’ve come. My hair is growing like crazy, it’s big, it’s puffy and I love it. Through the entire process I have to learn to be patient, there are times when I don’t want to be patient and I contemplate throwing in a relaxer or just doing a BC (big chop). But I have to remember to stay calm, be patient and just wait. I chose a long transition so I could get used to the curls and the texture.

There are weeks when I get real excited about trying new styles, other weeks I am ready to just say for get it and throw a relaxer in it. But then I remember the pain, the headaches, the money I have to spend and all the trouble I have to go through for my roots to only swell up and need a touch up in 4-6 weeks. Nope that’s okay I will continue on this journey of learning my natural hair texture.

Living in VA definitely helps with the transition because the weather is so different here from what it is in Massachusetts. The humidity makes my hair big and fluffy, I have found a hair dresser that specializes in natural hair, and one of my younger sisters has decided to go natural. The two of us are constantly looking at different styles, she’s always asking about the texture of her hair, different products, and hair styles. She got a kick out of using EEVO in her hair. She told the hair dresser what I was doing one night and the hair dresser said: ‘Girl, EVOO will become your friend lol’ So this journey has it ups and downs, but I know that being able to finally see my natural hair texture will be amazing.

Once I figure out this weekend’s hair style I’ll do another post.