Get Ready to ROAR with AC Arthur!

If you follow me on social media you have seen me post about A.C. Arthur and her shadow shifter series. I must admit before her I didn’t read paranormal romance. I just never found a book that really interested me. But she managed to make me fall in love.

Each year AC hosts a readers event to bring together her readers and authors to talk about a series or combined theme of books. Last year the event focused on her Donovan family series, where the weekend was centered around the wedding bad family reunion of the characters in her book.

This years readers event will be held in Orlando, Florida at the Disney Resort. We’re getting ready to ROOAAARR and have a fun filled weekend with AC Arthur, her shadow shifters, and a host of authors to include: Koko Brown, Farrah Rochon, Eve Vaughn and more. Check out AC Arthur’s site for a complete listing.

There is still time to join us for a great weekend of fun and lots of roaring. There will be a book signing, workshops, parties, food and fun. What a great way to end the summer. Join us August 29-September 1 at the Walt Disney resort and get ready to roar. It’s a Season of Shifters!


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