My Road to Essence!!

As many of you may know I started an internship with Delphine Publications in January. This  internship has allowed me to learn so much about the marketing aspects of the publishing industry. I have always love to read and the chance to work with such talented authors has been a blessing. Well now I am in need of your help. Delphine Publications would like me to join them in New Orleans, LA for the Essence Music Festival in July.  So they have started a fundraiser to get me to Essence.

2013-03-27 12.27.02


I am asking that friends and family help me on “My Road to Essence.” This is a working trip and I will have the chance to meet authors from the company and our CEO Tamika Newhouse, who has graciously allowed me to work with her company. Even though the company headquarters is in Atlanta, GA; I have had the opportunity to intern with them from Virginia. Each week I am given assignments to complete, books and events to promote.

If you help me by sending in a monetary donation, I would greatly appreciate it. I will be blogging about my experience as well. Thank You in advance for assisting me in “My Road to Essence.”

Donations can be completed here: My Road to Essence!




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