Book Review: Simple Amazing (Arrington Family Series) by Candace Shaw

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses.

Cannon Arrington is a med student whose focus is on school,extracurricular activities and helping others.  During one of his extra curricular activities he is reunited with his favorite teachers daughter, Yasmine Duboise. Something about this bubbly sexy school teacher makes him rethink his priorities in life.

Your high school crush could be your soul mate.

Yasmine Duboise is reading to her class and in walks today’s read-a-long volunteer Cannon Arrington. She has had a crush on him since she was in high school. Who would have thought, he would be the one to read to her class on this particular day. Awakening feelings inside him, does Yasmine wait for Cannon to realize you can have your career and love too or does she simply walk away from the man who has held her heart for years.

Simply Amazing is a short story of love, romance and patience. Shaw did excellent job in telling a story about two young people who have to decide if love is something they are willing to enjoy; something that cannot be scheduled.

Amazon has Simply Amazing by Candace Shaw for free on Kindle.


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