Book Review: Love Under Fire by Nikki Walker

Love Under Fire
The Complete Set Of The Tested Love Series


Love can hurt and love can heal but only if you let it take its course.

This series is three books in one. Each book is a page turner. I just couldn’t help myself. These characters are like your friends, you know their life stories, their fears, their desires.

Love Through The Fire

First up we have Naya and Marcus, who gets injured in an accident and needs Naya to help him recover from his injuries. Their past relationship is put to the test when Naya has to move with Marcus to start his rehabilitation. Can they rekindle the love they once had or has their divorce created a brick wall that cannot be knocked down.

Been There -Done That

Andrea is grieving the loss of her daughter and enters in to her life Det. Zane Perkins, who is dealing with the loss of his son as well. Using her daughters memory to build her gift basket business, her focus is soley on her business and nothing else; not even Zane. But can he convince Andrea that a love lost is not forever but a healing process to begin a love journey of forever.

Hearts On Fire

Trey is burnt out and in need of some rest and relaxation. Sherri is run-down from being chased by her superior who wants her dead. She runs to the one person that she feels safe with, Trey. But, how does she deal with being in such close proximity of her love crush? Trey has watched Sherri grow up, he’s always treated her with care but now he sees her for more than just a little sister. While keeping her safe from those who are trying to harm her, can he convince her that his heart belongs to her eternally?

These three stories take in you and have you turning the pages from the very beginning. I will admit that each of these stories could have been their own full fledged novels, but Walker gives you what you need to know in each story. She takes on a heartfelt journey through the lives of characters, that you can actually relate to.

Go ahead and grab Love Under Fire by Nikki Walker from Amazon right now, you won’t be disappointed.


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