Book Review: A Love Worth Waiting For by Nikki Walker




Your worst nightmare has come true, the love of your life is gone.

Chris wakes up from what he thinks is a dream, but in fact it is the news that his wife has passed away. Left with a young daughter to care for Chris moves back to his hometown and takes refuge in his parents home. What he doesn’t expect is to awaken feelings he didn’t know existed in a childhood friend.

Hurt, betrayed, mistreated and abused.

Tina thought she had someone to love her, but what she found was a monster in disguise. Moving back to her hometown and settling into a simple routine. Tina offers her condolences to childhood crush Chris. He accepts her condolences but what he wants is her heart.

Walker takes you on a journey of love lost and love gained. She allows her characters to feel every emotion possible while repairing their hearts and bring them together so they both can heal. Could you wait all your life for the one person that you are truly in love with?

I truly enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting. Overcoming life’s obstacles is a hard thing to do but when you have someone you can trust to help you get through the tough times, it makes things so much easier.

Be sure to grab your copy of A Love Worth Waiting For by Nikki Walker on on Amazon.


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