Tired of waiting?

God has given you a promise and you have been waiting for it to prosper. Be patient it is coming. Noah had to preach the same message for over 100 years before it rained. Just hold on a little while longer, your birthing season is here. Your promise will be fulfilled.

This was the text message I sent a few of my friends this morning. After reading through some scriptures, and thinking back on yesterday’s sermon in church, a few people came across my mind this morning so that’s what I sent them.

I don’t send a lot of these and I should but I get nervous and I’m not sure how people would perceive them. Often times The Lord will lay things on my heart and I’ll just pray about them but not follow through on the rest of His instructions which is to send that person or persons a simple message. Well today I just went ahead and did it. I didn’t make an excuse about it, I just did it.

How many times has God placed something on your heart and you have waited for it to prosper? You wait days, months, and sometimes years for the promise He told you to come forth. Don’t worry it is going to happen. It just takes time and preparation.

I have been a nervous wreck about some things that God has laid on my heart. Many of them I can’t even speak about yet because He has said, now is not the time. As I prepare for those other gifts to prosper, He has allowed some gifts and blessings come to life. My life is a testimony that I have not shared with many like I should have all because of fear. Well my fear of not telling my story is hindering someone else’s growth.

No more waiting, no more fear. Stop making excuses and remember the promises God has on your life. Be patient and know that your time is coming but preparation is key. Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing so that God can manifest the other gifts in your life?


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