Prepare the Soil

Read Luke 8:4-8.

The seed of God that is sown into the good soil is the only seed that bears fruit. What does the “good and honest” heart look like? What kind of hearer is this? This is the one that upon hearing the word of God takes it to heart, listens, repents, believes, and obeys. This is the heart in which the seed takes root, grows, and produces fruit that matures.

How do you receive God’s word?

Jesus tells us this parable to help us examine ourselves: Do I have ears to hear? Do I have a heart that is able to respond to the word of God in repentance, belief, and obedience?

As I look back on my life as a professing Christian, I realize that during the first ten years the weeds of the world choked out the word of God. I loved the things of the world. “Real life” was too important. God’s word had fallen onto the ground of my heart and began to grow, but the worries and concerns of this world far outweighed the importance of God and His kingdom. Thankfully God didn’t leave me there; He rescued me. It was as if He took a rototiller to my heart. But that wouldn’t have been enough. He completely replaced my heart with a new one. The seed He sowed into my new heart took root and grew. Since that day this new heart responds so differently to His word. It delights in the law of the Lord!

Read Psalm 1.

If your heart delights in God and His word, praise and thank Him! Thank Him for the great and immeasurable gift that He has given to you and nurture that gift! If your heart does not delight in the law of the Lord, do not despair, do not give up, and do not walk away. Confess it to the Lord. No one has the power to make the soil of their heart good. Ask God to forgive you and cleanse you of all unrighteousness. “Lord, let your living words penetrate our hearts and produce a full harvest of righteousness!”

Over the next several weeks, take God’s word to your heart and ask Him to help you receive it by faith and then bring it to life through obedience. Ask Him to help you bear a full harvest of righteousness.

My thoughts:

First, ask God to cleanse you, mind, body and spirit. Be prepared to become naked and vulnerable with him. He is preparing you for greatness. There are times when I feel like I am all by myself. I question my decision to live for Him and I am constantly reminded of His goodness and the blessings He has.given me, the numerous times He has literally saved my life. The doctors gave up on me, told my family to make arrangements. But God said He wasn’t through with me yet!!! How can I not serve a God like that?

I woke up this morning and I’m thankful! My faith level is on high right now. I am pregnant with expectations of greatness! There is a radical praise in my spirit that I will let loose today. All because I love God for who He is and not just the things He has done.

He is preparing me for a new chapter in my life book. I’m ready for it, and willing to see it through. I know it will be tough but I rather follow Jesus than follow the ways of the world. My soil is being worked on so my garden will produce great things. Are you ready to prepare your soil?


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