Keep Pushing


I posted this earlier on my instagram account and figured I would elaborate just a little more here. Are you working towards your dreams and you know you can see the finished product but you are just not quite there yet? Don’t worry your time is coming. I can say that because that’s exactly where I am. I am so close to finishing this project that I can see the results clear as day. I’m excited but anxious because I’ve worked so hard on this project and a few others that I don’t want anything to hinder my progress. I’ve had a saying for over a year “My dreams will become my reality.” Well I realized that I had to change that to “My dreams ARE my reality.” I am living out my dreams already. My food blog Southern Roots Kitchen is doing well and I am so proud of all that I have accomplished so far. I still have a lot to do. Keep pushing, your dreams are within your reach. Keep working on them, make sure you touch some aspect of it everyday.


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