Super Bowl Weekend

NY Giants won!!! WOO HOO!!! So for those people who know me, know that I am a HUGE NY Giants fan. I always have been. I love sports period. My mom and I had made plans to go to NY to spend the weekend with my older sister who happened to just open a lounge called Epiphany NYC. But due to last minute changes we decided to stay in VA and just chill. Oh my gosh, we had an amazing time. We were all dressed in our jerseys, I even bought a new racing jacket and wore it to church for Team Spirit Sunday. We made some wings with a honey hotsauce glaze, taco dip, veggie platter, smoothies, cupcakes and cookies. You would have thought we had a house full of people with all the food we made but it was just my mom, my sister Erica, my nephew, my sisters boyfriend and I.

We were scremaing, yelling at the TV and laughing at the commercials like we were at some party. Had such a good time with them. It was sad that we were with the rest of our family who happen to be Giants fans as well. But we still managed to enjoy ourselves. I took today off because I knew I would be tired and need to relax.

I do have some studying to do in the book of Ester, so off to read for a while.


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