New Year, New Journey….or is it?

Happy New Year! It’s a new year, new journey, resolutions to be made. Do you really make resolutions? I haven’t made one in years, if I say I’m going to do something or not do something then that’s it. I don’t wait until January to decide to change things. It changes when I make that declaration.

I’m still working on getting things in order with my business, a lot of behind the scenes work gets put into place beforehand. I am also going to be opening the blog back up. After much prayer and talking with my business coach things will be much different this time. You can check out the blog here and let me know what you think. There is quite a bit that will be happening there. I’m excited and ready to share with everyone. I’ve had some people ask if I was going to do Foodie Friday’s again and I am. That will definitely be back, along with Taste Test Tuesday, where I showcase new products or just products people see and want me to test out. My journey to becoming my own boss continues.

I went home to Massachusetts for what was supposed to just be Christmas weekend but turned into a 10 day stay. I really enjoyed visiting with my family and friends. I even surprised my family by blow drying and straightening my hair. I was surprised at the length but after 3 days I missed my curls lol. I stood strong and waited almost 3 weeks before I washed my hair. I’m proud of myself. There are still some relaxed ends that I need to get rid of, so I’ll cut a little more off in a few months. This transition is taking it’s course but I am loving my hair even if other’s don’t.

My cousin Tiara has finished her transition and is completely natural now. Her curls look amazing. People spent the entire week mixing us up. If my hair had remained curly during this visit it would have been even worse. We do look just a like so we can’t help it. Once I find the picture we took I’ll post it.

This also happen to be our first Christmas without my great-grandmother. It was kind of sad, but we celebrated her life the way she would want us to. One of my cousins moved into her house so I went over there to hang out with him and it was a bitter sweet moment walking into that house knowing that she wouldn’t be sitting in her recliner looking at me. I definitely felt her presence in the home.


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