Peace and Blessings

The fact that I have found a church that I absolutely love has been a blessing. Ever since my first visit they have made me feel like family. I walk in the building and I feel at home. Friendly people and they are so passionate and excited about the Lord. You can’t help but be excited with them. This past weekend we had a Women’s Ministry Fellowship. The night started out with a pot luck dinner, we played some games, had a workshop on overcoming our fears and doubts and then ended the night performing a play about the 10 virgins.

The weekend really helped me put a lot of things into perspective. I’ve learned to stop thinking so small about my business and what God has called me to do. As I continue to prepare to open up the bakery, things keep happening that I thought were roadblocks but they were actually blessings and lessons to learn. I am moving this weekend to another city near by, at first I thought it was going to stop me from opening up my business when it’s actually helping me with the process even more. The house will be mine, I will be able to expand my kitchen when it’s time and I have more space. I am truly thankful. My business will be up and running as soon as I get all the paperwork and permits done. Not going to rush things  because they won’t come out the way God wants them to, so I am being patient and watching God work. My God, He is working because the blessings that are already flowing are just overwhelming me.

Well off to bed I go, got lots of boxes to move in a few hours.


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