New place, new journey…

So I took some time off from writing on this blog. I put my hair kinky twists for about 2 months just to be different. I need that time to come up with a hair regime, hairstyles and I knew I had of other stuff going on. The time off was great, I learned a lot and I watched my hair grow tremendously. Everyday I fall more in love with my hair, yeah I still get the nay sayers asking me why my hair isn’t straight or why I won’t get the ‘Creamy Crack’ put in my hair. Ummm….NO! I am who I am, let me enjoy my hair. Right now it’s pressed just because I wanted to see what it would look like and boy has it grown. I was really shocked. But I do miss my curls so I may go back to my curly state sometime very very soon. I need to wash my hair anyway so that is a good excuse.

Besides my hair, I took some time to work on my bakery business. I have been doing a lot more baking these past few months and it is has taken time away from a lot of things, but I love it. About 3-4 days out the week I am in my kitchen baking cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes either for myself or for others. I am so grateful for the support that I receive from family and friends. Here is the link to my blog ‘Tastey Treats by Kim’ Right now I am doing ’25 Days of Cookies’ for the month of December. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Another thing I am working on is L.O.V.E Movement, an online networking site and magazine for women. The founder Shivawn, which I met on another networking site, has been gracious enough to give me my own section called ‘Kimberlee’s Kitchen.’ I was in tears when she told me she was doing this. It’s amazing, I tell you. When someone else sees something in you and is willing to help you grow it is such a wonderful feeling. I am truly honored for this opportunity. Stop by the site and check us out!

Enough for now, I will be blogging much more now that I have moved the blog and I am back into my writing routine. Until next time…Be Blessed!


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