Yeah it’s nappy… and what?

So its funny how when I started this journey 2 months ago people had my back and supported me. But I guess now that my hair is growing out and you can see how wavy it is folks don’t like it. In fact, can’t stand it.

The humidity really did a number on my hair these past few days. Now that it’s puffy ( I was too tired to do anything after traveling yesterday ) people got issues. I came home and told my grandmother I was going to get my hair done tonight and she goes I hope you are getting a relaxer because your hair is nappy. Yes gramma I know its nappy its mine. I politely let her know that I am not getting a relaxer, just a roller set. Then she starts to go on and on about how nappy my hair is. Uggghhh this is frustrating but I knew when I started this journey everyone wasn’t going to be in my corner. My mom is okay as long as it is in a protective style. My girls are cool with it and just as excited as I am.

I guess I am just irritated about the whole thing. I will post again after my hair is done tonight.

Until then… Be Blessed!

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One thought on “Yeah it’s nappy… and what?

  1. I remembered as I was reading your post that I read on Lonnice Bonner's book that her relatives did pretty much the same thing. When she saw them two years later and her ponytail was all thick, they were all gushing over it, lol! It takes others time. Either they come around or they just let it be.

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