All these chemicals…LOL

So last night I went through my ‘hair’ cabinet in my bathroom. I ended up printing out the list of ‘10 Chemicals to Avoid Putting On Your Hair‘ courtesy of Nappturality. As I was going through the cabinet and pulling out products I was surprised at the amount of products that I had and all the chemicals that were in them. WOW!!! It was actually kind of scary. I am determined to have healthy hair and rid myself of all the crazy chemicals so I put everything in a basket and gave it to my grandmother. She laughed and said ‘Stick with it Pumpkin!’

I only have 5 products in the cabinet now. I still need to get a detangler and some aloe vera gel. But I’m good on everything else. I am enjoying the journey and learning so much as I go along. I feel that if I am going to do this, I am going to do it right, so getting rid of all those chemicals is a MUST!!


One thought on “All these chemicals…LOL

  1. I remember when I went cold turkey and threw everything in the garbage.. Man, I went to the beauty suppy store and thought I was going to come out with my arms full of natural products.. WRONG!!!! I had a major melt down.. I was in the store so long- they had changed shifts.. I was sitting on the floor reading labels and had a fit!!!!! I was frustrated.. tears was running down my face.. I had threw EVERYTHING out and I had NOTHING at home- NOT EVEN SHAMPOO!!!That was the day I started mixing products. Now, I go to the natural/health food stores, food Marts,grocery stores, and vitamin shoppe, and GET IT IN!!!! Its so much fun.. My daughter and I go together and she is so amazed that the oils on the shelf in the grocery store is what we put on our hair!!!! Stick with it sis.. youre doing GOOD!

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